BFAMCMC - Beijing Film Academy Modern Creative Media College is in its seventh year. We are situated on the beautiful Golden Beach – Jinshahtan, 20 minutes from the centre of Qingdao city, on China’s east coast. 


BFAMCMC has recently been voted the best private art school in Shandong Province; and the second best private art school in China. This is mainly due to the creative guidance from our mother school in Beijing, the prestigious Beijing Film Academy - known as BFA – along with the hard work and creative discipline of our professors.

BFA has cultivated a large number of famous directors, DPs and photographers, such as Zhang Yimou, Gu, Hou Yong, Lu Le and Zhang Yuan, who have BFA’s unique signature stamped on their work, and upon which film and television cinematographic educational standards have been established and based.

The Department of Cinematography and Photographic Arts and Technology is one of eight departments.

We offer three majors:

  • Film  and television cinematography – fiction-documentary

  • Professional   and commercial photography

  • Media Image

Our curriculum was designed by the Beijing Film Academy’s Cinematography Department. We have copied their model and combined it with our own style and characteristics. Our concentration is: film production, documentary production, multi-media studies, and photographic art.


  • Film production and Cinematography Major:

Develops a comprehensive ability as a cinematographer to work in film or television production.

  • Photography Major  (commercial photography):

Develops a comprehensive ability as a commercial photographer with integrated image production skills.


  • Media Image was added in 2016 as a new direction under the umbrella of the Photography Direction. Due to the rapid development of mobile media and social media and the need to understand how to create for this medium through film and photography. The ‘multimedia creator’ will cover a varied spectrum throughout their career needing to merge not only different media but to understand the fast paced changing digital world


    The Department of Cinematography and Photography  is  the leading department  in  the University, with a high  demand  for entry into this prestigious discipline. This year  the  Department has had more than a thousand applicants,  of  which 120  have  been  chosen.

   Our  teachers  and  professors are accomplished  within  their fields,  and  some  are  prolific  artists  in  China.  Most  of   the

younger  teachers  were  taught  at the  mother  school, Beijing Film Academy.

  We pride ourselves on our cutting edge technology and pioneering innovative spirit. We merge practice-based classes with an emphasis on team work. Our professors and teachers - many of whom work within the industry or are fellow master teachers from Beijing Film Academy, work hard to bring a high creative standard to the Department. There is a lot of emphasis on technique and creativity and hands-on practice.

The students have access to editing suites, cameras, studios, equipment and drones. Students are encouraged to be independent and think outside the mainstream, but also to work in teams.

Throughout the year we have various awards and exhibitions. We have a social experience where first and second year students go to remote parts of China with teachers, for two weeks, to understand a different culture and create a memoir in either film or photography.

Some of our undergraduate students are now studying outside China, in Canada, the US, Australia and France. We encourage internationalism and a view-point which is open and diverse.

Our aim is to encourage and help students find work in the vast Chinese entertainment market or commercial market.

After graduation they will be equipped with camera expertise and creative vision. About 95% of our graduates find work within the industry or create their own business.


In the Department there are at present 317 undergraduate students. There are 26 full-time academic members of staff and 4 secretaries and various visiting professors from Beijing Film Academy.

In the short span of seven years our students have participated in festivals in China and internationally with their fiction and documentary films winning various prizes at the Global Chinese Film Festival, the San Francisco Asian Student Festival, the Beijing University Student Film Festival, the Global Chinese Students Film Festival, the Shanghai Student Festival and the Beijing Ethnological Festival. Photographic students have participated in various exhibitions around China.

Each year the Photographic Department has an annual graduate exhibition in June where we invite professional and established photographers to judge the students works such as Lui Zheng, Wang Qing Song, Luo JI, Ping Shen, Fan Hua, Su Zhigang, Du Qiang, Wu Yi and Zhao Keming.

Wanda Oriental opened at Lingshan Bay Industry and Culture Park. We believe, in the near future Beijing Film Academy Modern Creative Media College - BFAMCMC - will be the West Coast of China!

We are ready to develop and work within the film and television industry.

Let Qingdao shine!