To develop a comprehensive ability to nurture cinematographers destined for film. This is an intensive 4 year major. Students do base foundation classes in both film and photographic theory, and practical classes; camera technique, shooting, framing, directing, MV’s, documentary production, script writing, basic commercials, basic editing, Photoshop and professional English.


Professional Photographic equipment

With a variety of advanced cameras, photographic lenses, shooting accessories and lighting equipment, to meet the needs of teaching and students filming and creation.

Hands-on practice

The 400 Lighting Room Training Center as a professional practical teaching support. Apple editing suites. Professional screening rooms to meet the various needs of video post-production, as well as 2.5 km radius of airspace used in aerial photography teaching UAV.

A well-established teaching team

There are currently 11 professional teachers including 1 Dean and 3 associate professors (2 Foreign experts). The teaching team is combined of full-time teachers, experienced visiting professors and professional photographers.


Main Courses

l Cinematography technique

l Film Lighting technique

l Cinematography Technology"

l "Film Editing Skills

l Cinematography Language

l Digital color Grading

l Documentary Production

l Fiction Film cinematography

Teacher Disciplines

Department Head: Qin Hanhong: Beijing Film Academy 78 class. Has been the CCTV China TV drama Production Center director and producer.

Her creative experience as director has won high acclaim such as "High Cloud Ridge", "Housewarming" "For this Day", "Jared Story", "Dance on the Plains."

The works have received many Chinese TV drama nominations.

Vice Dean: Gong Rumai

Professor, Master Tutor, former director of the Department of cinematography, Beijing Film Academy.

Main achievements

l National Key scientific research project "History of Chinese film Photography", awarded by Ministry of Education for outstanding achievements in scientific research, second prize of humanities and social science art disciplines;

l Beijing Film Academy Academic Research Project "Technology standardization of Film production", won the second prize for excellence in film and television science and Technology of China Film and TV Institute;

Main works:

l "Chinese film Professional History research

l Film Photographic Roll".

l "The world behind the lens-Chinese film photographer Research"

l "Manufacturing images-dialogue with 15 filmmakers digital technology"



After graduation students can work as camerawomen/men, lighting engineers in film production companies; as editors, color correctors, DIT (digital imaging engineers) and conduct comprehensive post-production work. They will be adapt to independently start up their own business or studios, work with directors in commercial advertising; documentary, fiction drama, and other work.