New Media image was added in 2016 as a new direction under the umbrella of the PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTION. Due to the rapid development of social media the need to understand how to create quality for this medium through film and photography is important. The ‘multimedia creator’ will cover a varied spectrum throughout their career needing to merge not only different media but to understand the fast paced changing digital world



l Media Image trains both innovative technology and innovative thinking of cross-media image production.

l It develops a commercial photographer/cinematographer with integrated image production skills. Able to use a variety of advanced digital cameras, lenses, shooting accessories and lighting equipment. The knowledge of internet and small format films.

Professional Photographic equipment

l Advanced Red Digital Cinema. 120 digital camer. 135 digital camera. Large format camera. Shooting accessories and lighting equipment. Professional-grade DJI UAV and other equipment which meets the needs of teaching and students filming and creation.

Hands-on practice

l The 400 Lighting Room Training Center is a professional practical teaching support. Apple editing suite. Professional screening rooms to meet the various needs of video post-production, as well as 2.5 km radius of airspace used in aerial photography teaching UAV.

Main Courses

l Creative Online Media Image technique

l Journalistic Photography

l Script writing and story-telling

l Online-Media Image Post-Production

l Online-Media-Commercial-Production

l Visual Communication

l Online-Media Image Creation

Teacher Disciplines

This qualified and experienced award winning team, are graduates from the mother school, BFA in Beijing, can help students acquire all the professional knowledge, experience and technical skill needed for the competitive market.

The professional training given branches out with new media thinking using photography basic theory fusing online media coverage photography, online audio-visual language, video advertising production, editing, sound design, visual communication, media image creation related theories and skills along with social media and other forms from the field of video cross-media production.

In addition, to adapt to the latest trends in image and market demands, this direction provides "Sociology", "Cultural anthropology", "3D photography,”

“VR image production "and other rich elective courses for students to choose from.

Practical Teaching

This specialty pays attention to the combination of theory and practical teaching. Hands-on-practice gradually increases during the study to enhance and cultivate students ability. Each course strives to achieve this important element of practice during four continuous years. Hands-on-experience mainly include: in-class practice, creative day, concentrated practice, and graduation creation.


After graduation

After graduation students can work in network media, and online production of media content as well as in film, television, radio, magazines, and other traditional media engaged in the creation of the image such as cultural media companies and government agencies.