The Third Lightstar Awards

The Third Lightstar Awards


The presentation ceremony was held on October 14 in the university's large screening hall.


Professor Wang Honghai, Dean of the College and Professor Li Qingjun; the Vice President and Professor Wang Shaomin attended the award event, and the heads of departments and offices were also invited to attend.

Dean Wang Honghai made an opening statement at the awards ceremony. Cinematographer, Mr. Wangyutian read out the winning list.


There were 8 shortlisted film clips to show to the chairman of the jury, the celebrated cinematographer Wangyutian and another 7 members of the jury team.

The overall winner of the "Lightstar Award" for best picture is by the

l Director: Wushichi, and Hu Chen, cinematographer for the film: "100,000".

l Director: Liu Yadi, with her film "Room with furniture for rent" won two awards: Best cinematography award and second prize for her film.

l The third prize of the film won was "Halftime," directed by Hu Chen.


l The best Documentary award was awarded to director Gao ling "Old way of Eating."