Second Lightstar Award


Second Lightstar Award

The presentation ceremony was held on October 30th to present the student feature film awards. It was held in the Grand Screening Hall.


After a jury vote, Liu Zitian as director and Li Xuhao as D.O.P for the film "Red Skirt" won the best film and best cinematography awards.


The annual "Lightstar Award" is held by the Department of Cinematography and sponsored by the Beijing Leicester Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., and the awards are for works created by students in the Cinematography direction. The event was highly valued by the school leadership and warmly welcomed by teachers and students.


The event invited outstanding filmmakers, academic experts, industry companies and representatives of relevant institutions to attend and the jury was made up of well-known Chinese directors, photographers and experts and scholars to award the shortlisted films. This is to motivate the students to create better works and train and deliver outstanding film talents for the industry.

The jury


l Mr. Zeng Nianping, a visiting professor at the Beijing Film Academy was chairman of the jury he is a doctoral tutor, director, D.O.P, chairman of the Chinese Film and television photographer Society.

l Mulder, professor of photography, Beijing Film Academy.

l Cai Quanyong, film lighting artist.

l Wang Yan, director and director of the Department of Photography at the Beijing Film Academy.

l Song, a D.O.P for the film "A generation of Masters".

l Professor Sits, director of the Department of Modern Creative Media at the Beijing Film Academy.

l He Kai, general manager of Beijing Laigang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd


All served as judges to discuss and carefully vote on the 6 student works presented. The best cinematography and best team award were finally selected.


The "Lightstar Award" was held to build a solid bridge between the school and the community, so that the excellent works produced by students are no longer limited to only small discussions between students and teachers, but to get a wider range of audience with the professional filmmakers evaluation and recognition. This gives them a higher starting point on the road to future filmmaking. At the same time, holding the "Lightstar Award" provides an example for teachers who have just stepped into school to study cinematography and to stimulate their enthusiasm for the study of film production.


As 2015 graduates, the award-winners were also offered the position of a independent short film internship to encourage them to continue to go further and deeper into the process of film production.


The Department of Cinematography is one of the eight major departments of the Beijing Film Academy Modern Creative Media College. Within the department there are two majors in film and television cinematography, and photography. The teaching team is strong, often inviting famous photographers, D.O.P’s and renowned scholars and filmmakers from the domestic film industry to hold lectures.

Award results for the best Picture

l "Red Skirt" Director: Liu Zi Film.

l Second  Prize "We, under the Sky" Director: Jin Yu Jia.

l Third prize "Old shop" Director: Zhang

l Best cinematography."Red skirt,"  cinematography: Li Xuhao.

l Cinematography Second Prize "I want to hug you again" D.O.P: Yungu Xiao.

l Third prize "Old Shop" cinematography: Liu Zitian