Creative Meeting of the Film "On the Balcony

The movie "On the Balcony" creative meeting was successfully held March on 11, by the well-known director Zhang Meng under the guidance of Zhou Winter rain, Wang Yu, Cao Rui who jointly starred in the film "On the Balcony"

The meeting was held in Qingdao Phoenix Voice Grand Theater. The event was hosted by Beijing Light Pictures Co., Ltd and by the Department of Photography, School of Modern Creative Media, Beijing Film Academy. The Director Zhang Meng was with the actor Wang Yu, and Cao Rui , and our students were able to share some of the film’s wonderful clips and chat about the story behind the film. The atmosphere was extremely warm.

The film was also released in major cinemas across the country on March 15.

Director Zhang Meng has been committed to showing the reality of the “little people, and is known as the "sixth generation of literary film directors."


This film is about the unfinished revenge story of an underdog.


After the screening the director and the actors answered the questions raised by each student carefully and gave their sincere suggestions.