The opening ceremony of the 2019 photo photography graduation Exhibition of the Department of Photographic Arts and technology was successfully held

The Department of Photography at the School of Modern Creative Media, Beijing Film Institute, May 23, 2019.
The photo photography graduation exhibition was conducted at the Qingdao "Chauvin Art Museum," which represents the culmination of all the professional courses and the cultivation of the comprehensive ability of the students from the department of Photography

The Jury made up of teachers went to the art gallery in the morning to visit and rate the work prior to the opening

The exhibition officially kicked off at two o'clock in the afternoon. The jury members were signed in for admission.



The first was the message from Secretary Wang Hongmin, followed by Wu Hao, the Vice President, Situ, and Mr Xiayan, who expressed his expectations and congratulations to the College photo exhibition and expressed his satisfaction with the hard work conducted by his classmates, and expressed encouragement for their achievements, and issued certificates for outstanding award-winning students.

In addition, in order to thank the "Chauvin Art Museum" for providing a photo exhibition venue for our school, we issued a special contribution award in support of education.

This photo exhibition has a collection award of 1st prize and the outstanding Award 3, according to the complexity and creativity, thought, art and overall collection as the rating standard: the students who won the outstanding awards are Zhu Xiaoyuan "Planning and Alienation", Liu Jiahao "Cross Land", Wang Ying Jia's "The route of consumer culture". The winner of the collection award is Hantianyang "

After the awards, the director of Qinghanhong took to the stage and invited the teachers, students and guests of from the photo photography, year 15 to take a photo.